11 Sep 2011

Basing The Regiments

To the left hopefully there should be picture which shows how I have based my units. The top layout is how they should look when finished but I’ll most likely use the layout bellow when I come to taking pictures.

I went for two figures per base (30mm x 20mm) as I have yet to decide on any rules to game with. To be honest I have never even played a wargame, I think this is due to the fact there is no club of my knowledge within miles of where I live (Anglesey) and also I have only really considered joining one for a few months.

As you may have noticed there are 30 figures in the layout this is because I intend on painting up my regiments in a 1:10 ratio rather than a 1:20 which I gather from various forums is the norm for this period. Reason for this is simply I prefer the look of larger unit. Now I know there the strength of a regiment was usually 477 men, but this was rarely the case so I'll just average all british regiment at around 300 men.

I have also left out the light and grenadier companies (flank companies) since they were almost always detached from the parent regiment I decided I’d leave them until I paint the composite battalions which should be in a few months.

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