7 Sep 2011

Yet Another Wargaming Blog

So I’ve been painting now for… well since I was 11 so around 9 years. I have moved from Warhammer (Dwarfs) to Warhammer 40,000 (Space Marines) to Lord of The Rings, which last a good few years. I then went on to start painting the Perry Miniatures AWI range Saratoga units though I hadn’t a clue what I was doing when it came to researching the battles, regiments or uniforms involved. I then after watching “The Last Samurai” a few times I painted a few samurai units again not knowing what I was doing really.

Anyway I’ve now decided to start writing up a blog on the American War of Independence / Revolutionary War. I’ve been following a few blogs particularly “Tarleton’s Quarter” by Giles Allison (great title and a huge amount of fantastically painted figures) for a couple of years now and I like the idea of having what I have painted archived. Though I do hope a few people will stumble across the blog eventually at the moment it is primarily somewhere I can archive things and keep links to various blogs, forums and other such things.

I’m not sure what drew me to this period possibly the politics and the way in which facts have been distorted into legends and myths, which in my opinion makes the history much more interesting and intriguing. Anyway I’ll mainly be focusing on the British, Hessians and loyalists to start with then hopefully I’ll go into the myriad of American regiments that in my probable ignorance seem to change uniform or name every year.

To start off with I will be following the order of battle for Brandywine Creek, Major-General James Grant’s Brigade which was part of Knyphausen’s Division will be my aim to complete before Christmas. This mean 5 regiments (5th 10th 27th 40th and 55th) in 3 months, I have already made a start on the 10th and 27th so it should be possible.

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