25 Sep 2011

Guilford Courthouse

Bought as a Christmas present from Grand Manner as part of the Guilford - Hartwell Tavern package, I painted the courthouse over a few weeks in January. It is not known exactly what the Courthouse looked like but I would like to think it was something along these lines. This was a joy to paint. For the painted woodwork I started with a "Codex Grey" then "Fortress Grey" I finally painted "Skull White" before a "Badab Black Ink" in the recesses.

I am currently working on the second building for the Hartwell's Tavern which again is great fun to paint. All the buildings are finely sculpted which means they almost paint themselves and I would love to have a go at making one myself. One thing that did frustrate me about the buildings from Grand Manner is the amount of dust the buildings contained I sneezed continuously while dusting them.

Grand Manner, Painted January 2011

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