2 Oct 2011

27th Regt of Foot (Enniskillen)

The 27th Foot was raised as militia at Enniskillen by Colonel Zachariah Tiffin in 1689 to fight against James II. Their performance gained them a place on the English establishment a year later as a regular infantry regiment; they then fought at the famous battle of the Boyne. In 1751 they were given name 27th (Enniskillen) Regiment of Foot.

During the American War of Independence the regiment’s commander was a Lieutenant Colonel Edward Mitchell. The 27th Foot was stationed in Boston 1775 fought at Long Island and fort Washington in 1776 and then at Brandywine, Germantown, Fort Mifflin, and Whitemarsh in 1777. In 1778 the regiment was posted to the West Indies but the light company was left behind and was present at the Yorktown siege in 1781.

The 27th Enniskillen won undying fame at Waterloo in 1815 when they saved Wellington’s right without giving an inch of ground. The regiment was cut to ribbons and took the full brunt of a French Cavalry charge.

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