30 Oct 2011

Light Infantry

Like the Queens Rangers artillery these were found half painted in an old bits box from a few years back, I decided to painted them up as generic light infantry skirmishing. I based them the same as I have done with the Hessian Jaegers, on 2010 pennies. I have no idea why I based them all specifically on 2010 pennies if I'm honest.

I snipped off the bayonets and tidied up the barrel as I am sure they did not fit them while skirmishing as this would decrease accuracy, I may be wrong however. Also in the picture to the left you may see a light infantryman carrying a friend away from the battle. It's figures like these that is the reason why I so far haven't figures from any other manufacturer other than Perry Miniatures.

Perry Miniatures, Painted September 2011 20 figs


  1. Pity you cessed posting. Great site and beautifully painted figures. Inspirational!!!

  2. Thank you very much, I am intending to start up a blog in 2016 but with a focus on the Napoleonic era.