16 Oct 2011

Leib Regiment

Around 18,000 Hessians arrived in America, landing on Staten Island on 15th August, 1776. The Hessians were to be around a quarter of the entire troops fielded by the British during the war.

The Lieb Regiment or du Corps as it was also known as was one of the first battalions. The commanding officer was a colonel Wurmb. The Regiment fought at White Plains in 1776, Brandywine Creek, Germantown and Whitemarsh in 1777, Monmouth Courthouse they were then garrisoned in New York until the end of the war. I’m finding it very difficult to find productive sites for researching the history of all the Hessian regiment, so please if anyone knows of a good book or two let me know.

I began painting this regiment in April but I then stopped painting altogether until the start of September when these were on the top of my list. Not too sure about the blue but I quite like the contrast with the yellow facings and small clothes. I used a Regal Blue base coat followed by highlights of Ultramarines Blue and then Badab black to bring out the creases.

Perry Miniatures Painted April/September 2011 42 figs

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